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Learn HTML & How to make websites

A great way to learn for beginners

Welcome to Step by Step HTML where beginners come to learn the basics of building web pages and web sites. By the end of our tutorials, you should be well on your way to creating your first websites from scratch.

Things You'll Need

All you'll need to follow these tutorials is a text editor. If you're on a PC your default editor will be Notepad - if you're on a Mac it will be TextEdit. Our preferred editor is Sublime Text and it is available for both PC and Mac.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML can be considered the building blocks of the web. It is used to structure web pages. Imagine the construction of a building; HTML would be the steel or wood frame.

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. Combined with HTML, it adds styling to your layout. Things like borders, paddings, margins, colors, fonts, backgrounds and more are added using CSS. In our building example, CSS would be like the glass, drywall, paint and other things surrounding the frame.

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You know what HTML and CSS stand for, continue to the tutorials to learn to build your first web pages.

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